SO MUCH LOVE! so much <3

Thank you so much to everyone who came out last night. I know that I’ve kept you all waiting way too long for this release and I can’t even express how touched I was at how many people made it out – and so many of you from out of town as well! Such a fun show and a great experience in so many ways and it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

I have to say a special thank you to my uber talented band, Neil Whitford on guitar, Mike Sleath on drums and Michael Shapinko on bass, for bringing my album to life live on stage. Thank you to Lauren Best and Chloe Charles for sharing the stage with me and of course to the best guestarolla evaaah Andrew Gunadie aka Gunnarolla. Thanks also to the lovely Candice Leung of Eat Your Heart Out Baking Company for providing the most delicious baked goods for intermission snacks – including her now-famous s’more cookies! And the launch would not have happened without the help of some very amazing people behind the scenes who kept everything running smoothly and me from going crazy – my beautiful door ladies Sarah and Danielle, REEL talented videographer Jocelyn and picturesque paparazzo Kat (of the soon to be famous Missadventures). All in all I’m still riding on a high. So much love. SO MUCH!

Alsoooo as this was my official album launch the album is now exclusively available at Bandcamp for you cool cats who want to get it before it goes up on iTunes (Feb 19th, 2013)!

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