White KNIGHT? errr night :D

So I swooped in and…heh well ok so they didn’t need saving at all. But I was super stoked to join for yet another NUIT BLANCHE with the Andrews – this time in Montreal!! Amazing food (poutiiiiine) and as usual the hosts displayed their famed endurance going for a whole 7 whole hours straight!

The now famous(ly crazy/awesome) 12 hour ladies were also there for another full 7 hours of Andrews with matching sweatshirts to boot aaaand I also got to hear Andrew Bravener’s talented brother Josh play! So impressed you can check him out in the video below:

and here’s a video of me performing Mountain:

“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.” – said someone on T**** or maybe it was on a t-shirt…

Big thanks to Kayla and Izzie for the show footage! Love you ladies!

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