SEARCHLIGHT VOTING CONTINUES!! There’s one week left for us to get into the top 25! Here’s a parody – Queen styles – to show just how much I appreciate your help!! Please vote!!


I just entered an amazing contest called “Searchlight” run by CBC! They’re searching for Canada’s best new artist and if I win then I get to perform with the amazing Tegan and Sara *fangirl screams* as well as get a bunch of Yamaha swag and lots of CBC coverage! It’s voting based for the first couple of rounds so if you could help me out and vote that would be amazing!

The easiest way to vote is through my CBC artist page:

…and if you need some motivation to do so I wrote a little ditty for you!! Thank you in advance for your support!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! In honour of the new year I’ve released a new music video!! If you love sunsets over cityscapes this one’s for you! Hope that everyone can be a little bit of a “Dreamer” in 2014 🙂 Go check ‘er out!! Dreamer – Julia Bentley (Official Music Video)


We found our tour bus!

We found our tour bus!

So excited to announce that I’ll be going on tour out West after all! I’m joining the lovely miss Mandy Ebel – singer-songwriter vocalist extraordinaire – for a tour around the prairies that we’ve lovingly dubbed “The Prairie Fly Tour” due to both the location and speed at which we will be flying across the plains. If you are in one of these cities we want to see your pretty faces!


Aug 17th – Regina Beach Art Frenzy – 1pm

Aug 19th – Cafe Haven in Sherwood Park – 7pm

Aug 20th – Arcadia Cafe and Bar in St Albert – 8pm

Aug 22nd – Earl’s in Medicine Hat – 7pm

Aug 23rd – Twist Wine Bistro in Medicine Hat – 8pm

Aug 25th – Cathedral Village Free House in Regina – 4pm

Aug 27th – Bocados in Regina – 8:30pm (OPEN MIC AFTER!)

Aug 28th – Kergano’s in Moose Jaw – time TBA

***If you’d like to follow along or join the talk we’ll be posting on twitter #prairieflytour !!

White KNIGHT? errr night :D

So I swooped in and…heh well ok so they didn’t need saving at all. But I was super stoked to join for yet another NUIT BLANCHE with the Andrews – this time in Montreal!! Amazing food (poutiiiiine) and as usual the hosts displayed their famed endurance going for a whole 7 whole hours straight!

The now famous(ly crazy/awesome) 12 hour ladies were also there for another full 7 hours of Andrews with matching sweatshirts to boot aaaand I also got to hear Andrew Bravener’s talented brother Josh play! So impressed you can check him out in the video below:

and here’s a video of me performing Mountain:

“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.” – said someone on T**** or maybe it was on a t-shirt…

Big thanks to Kayla and Izzie for the show footage! Love you ladies!

Heart and Stroke…inducing???

Had so much fun playing fangirl and joining Team Andrew onstage for Pump Up the Beat Presented by the Heart and Stroke Foundation Clubs. Great people/great cause!

Though I do have to say…one of their ways for raising money was a date auction. Not a silent auction…a full out person on stage for sale while people yell out numbers kind of date auction. I commend all of the brave souls who took the stage! You are far braver than I could ever be – that would definitely have been more heart attack or stroke-inducing than preventative for me!

If you want to see some footage for the show you can check out Andrew’s vloooog: